04 April, 2011

Profile 47 - Chance Vought Kingfisher

First, would I do this for a living?  I mean - real living?

Damn right.  Gawd, I love this part of American history and...you should too.

This morning, I started out having breakfast with a medic assigned to McArthur's "return" to the Philippines circa 1944.  Then, a new acquaintance let me know that a pilot assigned to the USS South Dakota (battleship) was not only alive but had sold his Harley last year.  Would he like to have his plane memorialized for all digital-eternity?

Hell yeah.

So, I guess Satan's Chille'n and Lt. Ted Hutchins' Chance Vought OS2U Kingfisher are now BOTH on the drawing board.

Put the coffee pot on "full throttle."  I'm not sleeping for a while.

Anyway, in the words of my buddy Lt. John Forrette who served in the Philippines circa 1944-45, "History doesn't sleep."

Watch this space - it's going to be awesome.

PHOTO:  National Archives

PS - no kidding, as this is being typed, my kid is scratching the American anthem on his violin.  It sounds awful but...is wonderful at the same time.

PSS - here's my first sketch!