16 June, 2020

Profile 141 FINAL: Curtiss JN-4, Kelly Field, c. 1918



Airplane finished, prints looked great, the United States Postal Service did their job and the patron family is pleased.  I can sit back and vegetate for a few minutes and congratulate myself on a job (sorta) well done.  But frankly, it's one of my best drawings, even if there are some bits of detail that I had to guess upon.

Somehow, someway, I don't think the patron really cares about time-machine accuracy at this point.  It's a piece to help he and his family recognize where they come from and where they may yet go.  Noble thought, don't you think?

Brilliant photo.  No idea who took it but whoever you (were), everyone involved gets an A+ for the day.

Have another look at the Jenny above and check the title of the print, "A story begins."   Aviation has played a formative role in the family's lore and the process began with this Jenny from Kelly Field.

It's not my place to tell much more of the story.  But, I'm reminded of something WWII ace (352nd FG, 487th FS) Alden Rigby told me years ago — "Everything is important, always."  I think we were talking 'religion' at the moment because I distinctly remember the context being how we need to think about the 'eternal' consequences of decisions in our life.

I have no idea. I haven't been to eternity. But I will say this — today, there's a family celebrating the actions of others, over 100 years ago.   

A story begins, indeed, every day, for all of us.  Always.

Ok.  Sermon-off.  Now to get to the C-123 that's been sitting on my desk.  It involves a bunch of Chinese, an Air Force General who wants to grant a few medals and the idea that, secrets eventually need to be turned into stories.


I've blurred out the personal stuff because its personal to the family.
But, isn't it cool that such things are being respected over 100 years later?