06 December, 2011

Profile 62 - FINAL - "229336" as flown by Ken Dahlberg

On October 5th, I made the post that WW2 ace and post-war entrepreneur Ken Dahlberg died - my artwork was posted in its unfinished form.  Well, it should be obvious that this post completes the picture.  Have a look.

One of the great disservices of popular culture is how it horrifies death.  Having been to a few funerals, all the talk of "Celebrating Life" is really just marketing BS.  Who's foolin who?  We all know what really happens at a funeral - the guy/gal is buried, we slap the dirt from our hands and head to the church for sandwiches.  In reality, the life is "celebrated" as long as the coffee holds out.

I'm really sad that I didn't get to meet Ken in-person.  But I'm really grateful for his example.  Like going from risking his life in service to risking his ideas in the marketplace to risking his wealth as an investor... What did Ken learn?  What about him is worth remembering?

More than ever, our country needs to glorify its successful history - from the leaders to the innovators to the laborers;  real people who built a real nation.  The artifacts of true success should never be buried but kept atop and examined.  In so doing, the past and present dissolve into each other, forming greater knowledge and wisdom.

In other words, we live what we learn.

If your interest in Ken has been raised, do your own search.  I hope that it inspires you to achieve and in so doing, he'll live forever.  And you will too.