18 May, 2024

A great human has left the earth - Clarence "Bud" Anderson


The world is a noisy place for superlatives - "awesome," "amazing," "OMG."

The world is also prescribed with formulas - "best life now," "ten things top leaders do," "High performance organizations."

Sometimes they're accurate.  Most of the time they're just click bait.  

But on very rare occasions, they have a name, story and a phone number...

Yesterday, 17 May 2024, Col Clarence "Bud" Anderson Flew West, leaving behind a real legacy of the kind of life most ascribe to fantasy..

Nearly 24 years ago, in a conversation about leadership in the workplace, Bud challenged me to "interview old guys."  Putting a finer point on it, to ask people who'd seen the depth and breadth of life and  consider their words.

I took his challenge and the result has been the influence of many thousands, around the world, in art, in writing, in film...

 ..with the message that Bud embraced - leadership is a choice and character is a daily practice. 

The man gave so many, so many, people living proof that not only to men of greatness exist, they're strong, kind, patient, and most importantly, alive.  

I'm sure there are others out there but today, there's one less.

A little recording I made of Bud talking at a hometown event is below - it's a tonic for the times.

Thank you, God for men like Bud.  And thank God for figuring out a way to have Bud's phone number, so many years ago.

[MP3 recording below]

In Bud Anderson's own words... (10 minutes long)

Bud and I at a Commemorative Air Force event.  I was speaking, he showed up.
"You're still doing this stuff? (i.e. interviewing old guys and drawing their airplanes."
"Well... that's fine.  Just fine.  Thank you."

No, Bud... THANK. YOU.