18 January, 2021

PROFILE 148: Republic F-105D Thunderchief as flown by Marty Mahrt, 333TFS


It's the greatest aircraft that ever flew, at least if you flew one — the Republic F-105 Thunderchief.

I'm knee-deep in the next Old Guys and Their Airplanes (OGTA) "Debrief" production featuring a man who has clear opinions on the F-105; he left one in North Vietnam on May 10, 1966.  Introducing Col. Marty Mahrt (ret).

This story is developing but suffice it to state, it's the fourth F-105 I've drawn.

Marty's story is extraordinary in that he was part of the 'furthest-north' rescue of the Vietnam War at the time.  How he escaped capture (and either death or POW status) is a brilliant example of the great American mantra of "No one gets left behind."

Today, Marty is ever-aware of the heroic effort expended to bring him out of enemy territory and often considers, "Why me?" when realizing how many Americans were not so fortunate.  

It's a huge honor to be drawing his F-105 and also play a part in bringing his story to a larger audience via OGTA's partnership with the Distinguished Flying Cross Society (and a group of equally passionate patrons).

My art progress is below.  It's not much now but will be done in about a week and a half...and of course, I'll post it here.  But in the meantime, please make plans to partake in the Feb 10 event* as it not only features the Premiere of the OGTA film "NEVER ALONE," but also is a rare moment where you have the opportunity to ask Marty a question and 'meet' the man as broadcast live from his grandson's high school.

Anyway,  cool is that?!?

*On Feb 10, click here.