24 September, 2017

"Split Second" - OGTA episode

Jim Kunkle's P-38 has been a rewarding project... for one, it turned out pretty well.  For two, Jim was grateful for the gift.  For three, Jim's story is really fascinating.  Read here for more.

But, the fourth reason is the best—Jim's a great interview.

Last March, my show, "Old Guys and Their Airplanes" was fortunate to be able to record Jim talking about his Sept 16, 1944 moment.  On Sept 16, 2017 (73 years later) we have been able to bring the story to a greater audience.

So far, the stats have been remarkable—Jim Kunkle's "Split Second" episode has resulted in the fastest-watched, longest watched we've created.   If you haven't watched, and have 14 minutes to spare, you may see why:  it's simply a great story told by a great man.

OGTA #12 - Split Second - The Jim Kunkle Story from John Mollison on Vimeo.