06 December, 2015

Profile 110: IN PROGRESS - PBM Mariner as flown by Cass Phillips, VPB-20

That's a LOT of black!

Considering the PBM Mariner was nearly 30' longer and 5 tons heavier than a B-25, it should be a lot of black, too.  And that's the problem.  I've drawn, re-drawn and re-drawn this best at least three times. 

But that's no big deal because today, December 7, 2015, has more to do with the above airplane's pilot than the airplane he would fly.  See, Cass Phillips is one of the few alive today who can remember the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

So, though the airplane above will probably change some more, her pilot's memories—I hope—will remain with us forever.


VPB pilot Cass Phillips remembers "Pearl Harbor"
Source:  Me.