09 May, 2012

Profile 66: Beginning - LGM-30G - 91st SMW


You can see for yourself that my latest project is not an airplane.  It's a missile.  Specifically, an LGM-30G ICBM nuclear delivery device.   Or more commonly, "The Minuteman III."

With an altitude of 700 miles, an 8,000 mile range and top speed of 15,500 mph, this bird is the "air craft" to end all aircraft.  And potentially, all human life.

It's a far, far cry from the shark-like lines of a P-51 Mustang or muscular hulk of a B-24...but when presented with the job, I simply had to say, "Yes!" on historical gravity alone.

But make no mistake -  this Godzilla-sized bullet may well be the best use of taxpayer dollars since the U.S. bought Alaska from Russia.

Progress is going to move fast and definitely check back often.  I've just begun my interview process, but all signs promise a fascinating perspective on our post-WW2 world.  And I can guarantee that you will learn something new.

Duck and cover, things are about to get COLD!