20 September, 2011

Profile 58 - FINAL - "Lillian's Limousine" as flown by Eugene McGuire

Have you ever wondered if people notice?

Read this.

"I remember being about 10 yrs old and we had a project at home and he needed some wood.  We were cruising the trash bins of a row of small manufacturing companies and came across some he wanted.  After looking for someone to ask for this scrap wood he took out a pen and paper and left his name and phone number where the wood was.   When I was young I wondered why he would do that for something that was obvious trash but as I got older I knew why."

"Lillian's Limousine" is dedicated to Eugene McGuire, fighter pilot, husband of Lillian...and the father of Eugene, Jr. - a ten year old son who noticed.

R.I.P. Eugene McGuire, Sr.

You're going to live forever.