18 July, 2011

Profile 55 - "Little Horse" as flown by Ken Dahlberg (sort of)

You'll have to "google" Ken Dahlberg for yourself.  He's too big for this little outpost.  Suffice it to state, years ago, Joe Foss gave me his phone number and I called him.  He answered.  We talked - great guy.  THEN...I found out who he was outside of being a WW2 fighter ace.  That was about ten years ago.  I'm ashamed that I didn't follow up - Joe's death and life's circumstances got in the way.   "Little Horse" was put out to pasture in my mental corral of, "old guys and airplanes that I really should try to get done one day."

Fortune, however, is impatient. "Little Horse," one of Ken's WW2 mounts, is now on the fast-track.

The pencil study above is an  attempt to get my head around the challenge.  See, there are two Little Horses.  One is restored and hangared, awaiting her next steeplechase in the sky. She is new and perfect.  The other is long-gone and buried in time, awaiting no one.  She is a gray memory of war.

Which one to do?

Watch this space.

The black Sharpie™/ pencil sketch below is my Study of the horse that graced Little Horse's tail.   I'm rather proud - it's pure luck that it didn't turn out looking more like a jellyfish.  I simply can't draw animals.  Before I began this project, I believed, "Little Horse" was going to be "Big Hours."  But I caught the vibe on the first try - like I should have done ten years ago with my call to Ken.